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Awake: A Journal, A Guide, A Retreat, A Friend

Awake: A Journal, A Guide, A Retreat, A Friend


We all have the conditions to be happy right now! Take the first step with Awake: A Journal, a Guide, a Retreat, a Friend, which is packed with thought-provoking content and actionable practices that inspire ultimate happiness and achievement.

Four key foundations—Exploration, Know Yourself, Meaning, and Presence—blend relevant philosophy and positive psychology.

All this, along with powerful self-development practices and engaging reflections, boost well-being, creativity, and self-compassion, while easing stress and anxiety to drive you toward peak performance.

Awake features over 20 practices such as the Curiosity Challenge, Daily Gratitude, Mindful Meditations, 7 Ways to Let Go, and many more.

In addition, guided meditations, self-discovery investigations, mindfulness coloring exercises, and motivational quotes plus tips will allow you to flourish.

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