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Celtic Book of the Dead: An Oracle to Steer Your Life Journey

Celtic Book of the Dead: An Oracle to Steer Your Life Journey


Navigate your way through the shoals of life and divine how the soul can voyage onward!

The Celtic Book of the Dead is a 42-card oracle based on the ancient Irish story of the Voyage of Maelduin, given here in a new translation by Caitlín Matthews. The locations of Maelduin's voyage form the route toward the Blessed Isles that lie west of Ireland; for him, and for the reader, each island reveals the wonders and challenges as he sails nearer to the heart of the Celtic Otherworld. As with the Egyptian Book of the Dead, this oracle gives the soul opportunities to purify, clarify, and refocus. Filled with wonders, terrors, and transformational experiences, each island represents a staging post on the reader's own voyage to self-discovery. As the islands reveal gifts that can be resources for the human condition, so too, solutions and strategies for unknotting life's tangles may be found. The cards have three uses: to divine the path ahead as a guide to the soul's direction, as a way of meditation for personal and environmental healing, and as a Book of the Dead for the dying. This oracle offers a grown-up method of divination and meditation, based on an ancient northwestern European tradition.


Caitlín Matthews is the author of over 80 books, including The Art of Celtic Seership, The Lost Book of the Grail, and Ancestral Oracle of the Celts. She is an authority on Celtic wisdom and spirituality, teaching internationally as well as an experienced shamanic healer who has worked with the dying. She has a shamanic healing practice in Oxford, UK.

Danuta Mayer's work has been widely published, and her paintings and miniatures can be found in private collections around the world. Her books include The Yellow Fairy Book, published by the Folio Society, and the award-winning Tenzin's Deer, published by Barefoot Books. She has also illustrated a number of divinatory decks and zodiac series. She lives in London with an array of animals whom she fosters or rehabilitates for rehoming, and has been a committed animal-rights and environmental advocate for many years.

• This oracle draws upon the ancient Celtic otherworld voyage tradition to help chart the way ahead, providing dynamic signposts at times of stress and uncertainty

• The mythic pathways of this ancient story help readers navigate the tides of change, show them the ways through conundrums and difficulties that have caused them to remain stuck for years, and enable them to come home to themselves with renewed clarity and focus

• The beautiful cards by respected artist Danuta Mayer act as doorways to the truth that lies within the human soul

Includes 42 art cards

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