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Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle Cards

Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle Cards


The way of the Hummingbird is a path, one of lightness and joy, and one of power and strength. These oracle cards are filled with inspiration and guidance to help you connect to your divinity, explore the seen and unseen, and embrace your unique, epic journey in this lifetime. You are meant to live a life filled with blessings, and the Hummingbird offers its magical, gentle wisdom to guide you there. In this easy-to-use deck, you'll be immersed into the fun, mystical world of the Hummingbird with 44 exquisitely designed cards and a detailed guidebook with expanded messages, affirmations, and exercises to enhance and deepen your personal growth. Spread your wings and embark on a delightful, nectar-filled flight toward living a more conscious life filled with sweetness and joy.

• A 44-card oracle deck and guidebook overflowing with Hummingbird Wisdom to help you reconnect to the rich sweetness of life

• For beginner and advanced readers, feathered-friend enthusiasts, or anyone interested in the mystical and joyous world of the hummingbird

• Images of hummingbirds are found in rock carvings produced by the native cultures of the Americas, which are thousands of years old, indicating that their wisdom has echoed through the ages

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