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Leave Me The Fuck Alone Bath Salts

Leave Me The Fuck Alone Bath Salts


You ever have those days where you just want to be left the Fuck alone? Teachers, parents, the boss or mates have been riding you all day and the constant hassling never seems to stop?


I am going to take these next 20 mins to appreciate the feeling of being left alone so tomorrow i can tolerate other people existence.

Behind the blend

This scent is the earthiest of all the blends with its incorporation of cedarwood to help calm and ground you but is elevated with the inclusion of grapefruit to help lift your mood and a touch of geranium for its calming benefits.


A mix of salts (sea, Himalayan, epsom), magnesium, a touch of coconut oil and essential oils (grapefruit, geranium, cedarwood).

500g Tin

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