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Love, Sex, and Relationship Dream Dictionary, The: Guide to Interpreting

Love, Sex, and Relationship Dream Dictionary, The: Guide to Interpreting




Have you dreamed of a handsome stranger and felt the pangs of love (or lust)? Do you wake up panicked from being chased by a menacing intruder or from falling from a cliff into darkness? Do you wake up to dreams of sex with an ex, your boss, or a celebrity?

Don’t be ashamed or alarmed! These dreams are normal and highly symbolic. Learn to decode dream symbols through the steamed-up lenses of our relationships, sexuality, and our human imperative to love and be loved. This guide will show you how to interpret everything and everyone in your dreams as an aspect of yourself. After all, the best relationship advice you can receive is being revealed by your own brilliant dreaming mind.

To that end, this bedside companion offers: Interpretations and definitions for more than 1,000 common symbols, themes, and images from your dreams; Tools for interpreting dream themes, patterns, and emotions; Love, sex, and relationship advice to help support you in finding and/or keeping the partner of your dreams; Definitions organized by dream theme – People and Animals, Time and Place, Physical Objects, Ideas and Whims, and Action and Scenarios.

Kelly Sullivan Walden is a premiere dream expert and a trusted advisor to leaders, executives, celebrities, and countless other individuals. She will guide you on a journey into your subconscious mind where the answers reside to the questions you seek, so you can make real, transformational changes in your waking life. Will you fall in love or love the one you’re with? Are you willing to release your blocks to love and fall in love with yourself? How do you inspire better dreams? How do you transform a nightmare into soul-healing therapy? You’ll find answers to these questions and many more in this comprehensive dream reference.

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