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Magic of Numbers: Numerology’s Power Revealed

Magic of Numbers: Numerology’s Power Revealed


This is a book that teaches readers in an accessible way to find out about their destiny number calculated from their birth date, and shows how this underpins every single aspect of their lives.

Have you ever had that one number that seems to pop up everywhere? That number may be the key to unlocking your destiny! The Magic of Numbers is an easy-to-use book that shows readers how to use their date of birth to calculate this Destiny Number, and how it affects the path of our lives in more ways than we might realise. Next, it reveals how our names resonate with a power that influences both our personalities and how people respond to us. Change your name and you can change not only how others perceive you, as many celebrities have discovered, but it can change your fame and fortune too. This then leads to the dynamics of relationships, where you can find out how your Destiny and Name Numbers can harmonise with your partner. The answers to some of life's biggest questions are in the numbers, and you can learn their magic to change your life.

• Understand how and why numbers rule our lives to unlock the hidden world beyond our senses

• For those who want to find out how the ancient science of numbers guides our actions and life decisions

• Understanding numerology can be a key to motivation, by learning what makes people click, and discovering harmony in relationships

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