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The Book of Manifestations

The Book of Manifestations


Wondering why your desires haven’t manifested despite your best efforts to attract them? Are you fed up pretending to be happy in name of positive thinking? Or does your life seem like it’s heading nowhere? Fret no more.

With thirty processes that present the most powerful and pervasive Law of the Universe in a simple, precise, and easy-to-use manner, this exciting book gets straight to the point about what needs and doesn’t need to be done to a live a life of true abundance.

Through a clear, concrete, and measurable way, now you can take giant strides toward your desires.

Teeming with techniques that not only explain the nuances of the Law of Attraction but also make it easy to understand and use on a daily basis, this book was created for the sole purpose of making the Law as practical and user-friendly as possible.

You can do it this time! You can manifest your dreams!

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