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Tibetan Handmade Paper WRITING SET

Tibetan Handmade Paper WRITING SET


Letter Writing Set - comes with 8 envelopes & 15 sheets of coloured paper, sheethed in an oversized coloured envelope with hand painted tibetan picture. Each envelope and piece of paper has a decorative design in the corner.

Picture design and colour of writing set is distributed at random. There are all the colours of the rainbow available in a variety of shades.

Dafecabana (Lokta) can be found in the eastern Nepal from which this paper is made, and it is one of the models of ancient handicrafts. This plant can be found from 3500 to 4000 metres altitude. We are able to provide thick things or coloured paper as desired. This paper has been the best paper in Nepal. This paper can be saved for a long period.


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