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WTAF - What The Actual Fuck Bath Salts

WTAF - What The Actual Fuck Bath Salts


If you’ve been smashing your head against a brick wall all day, rolled your eyes more times than an ophthalmologist in the follow up clinic or huffed more than a teenager doing chores then you need some of this in your life.


I am no longer going to let idiots destroy my soul. Tomorrow I will just put my headphones in and ignore them all.

Behind the blend

This one has a serious floral tone to it, if you like the smell of jasmine you will love this one. It’s great for reducing frustration and alleviating stress bringing a sense of overall calm to the body.


A mix of salts (sea, Himalayan, epsom), magnesium, a touch of coconut oil and essential oils (neroli, ylang ylang).

500g tin

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