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Ancient Wisdom Scrolls - Lucid Dreams

Ancient Wisdom Scrolls - Lucid Dreams

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$53.00Sale Price

Learn like the ancients! This unique series of scrolls with a modern twist quickly and easily explain the basics of metaphysical and magical concepts. Written by experts with a broad background in various esoteric subjects, the knowledge is distilled into a user-friendly, conversational approach.

Part of an innovative series that allows modern readers to learn like the ancients; you will explore our most vivid and revealing dreams, known as lucid dreams. Understand how these profound and startling dreams come through in crystal clarity and can prompt action or deep reflection. Learn how lucid dreams can provide purpose, intent, and direction to discover insights of a meaningful nature for the dreamer on a journey outside the sleeping body. Examine the rich history of dreams and the serious part they have played in human development.

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