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Bonefire Tarot 2nd Edition

Bonefire Tarot 2nd Edition


Inspired by Sailor Jerry Collins’s old-school tattoo flash and outsider art, the second edition of Bonefire Tarot brings you 78 energetic hand-painted Tarot cards with a 248-page companion book.

This new edition has nine new cards, new text, and a completely redesigned package. It plunders time and space for universal symbols and features reimagined images to help you discover purpose-giving creativity. The archetypal energies of the Major Arcana figures represent figures in our lives, or aspects of ourselves or situations we are bound to encounter. The Minor suits have their own look and set of common symbols and are concerned with life's little details.

• Feel fully equipped to tackle anything from the microcosmic to the macro-enormous

Along with a comprehensive glossary of symbols, three simple spreads, and descriptive essays to guide you, this set dangles the fruits of eternal truth just within reach.

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