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'Clearing' - Your Guide to Maintaining Healthy Energy

'Clearing' - Your Guide to Maintaining Healthy Energy

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Your Guide to Maintaining Healthy Energy...

Feeling blocked, tired or unsettled?

Clearing will help you to transform your life, clear negative energies around the home and usher in the positivity and wellbeing you have been yearning for. Kerrie Erwin, one of Australia's best loved psychic healers and spirit mediums, guides you through an array of practical and useful exercises to help you create and maintain positive, creative energy within your aura, home and workplace.

Learn to:

-Clear your aura

-Dispel negative energies

-Protect psychic children

-Attract positive vibrations

-Balance your mind, body and soul

Easy to follow rituals and useful advice on using spiritual tools such as sage, incense and essential oils, plus peppered with Kerrie's own unique cases and amazing experiences, this book is a must have for anyone wanting to create and uplifting happy environment for themselves and their loved ones.

-By Kerrie Erwin

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