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Grand Universal Tarot

Grand Universal Tarot


An inspiring tarot deck, based on the original Tarot de Marseille for both advanced and beginners readers with the timeless beauty of a classically styled deck.

See the Marseille style Tarot beautifully brought to life with the Grand Universal Tarot. Author Bruno de Nys has created a stunning homage to a classic deck which has proven, through the centuries, to bring clarity to situations and show us that we have the ability to shape our future based on the choices we make in the present. This beautiful deck provides a straightforward way to forecast fate for yourself and others, help reflect and explore new perspectives, and relieve stress. Featuring rich illustrations, the deck's strong symbols will engage and help the reader on the journey to understanding and self-discovery. The accompanying guidebook explains the origins and evolution of the Tarot as a divinatory art and the empowering experience it offers. It features unique spreads including the author's revolutionary \"cut\" method for using the Celtic Cross with numbers, as well as other approaches that help the reader get familiar with this foundational divination tool and begin to appreciate the Tarot like never before.


Bruno de Nys has been practicing mediumship and clairvoyance since his teenage years. A respected Tarot expert with more than 30 years of experience, he masters the art of reading the Tarot, just the way a linguist masters language. He always seeks to demystify and stimulate deeper learning to facilitate a better experience for the reader.

• A Tarot which triggers intuition, stimulates the imagination, and awakens instinct that is imbued with an aesthetic of unprecedented presence

• For readers who wish to explore and master the traditional Marseille style Tarot while finding inner wisdom and guidance

• Encourages personal awakening through detailed, classic illustrations and a comprehensive guidebook which facilitates use and understanding

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