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Heal the Witch Wound

Heal the Witch Wound


You were born to live a magical life. Deep within your soul, you know this; it is why you picked up this book. But there is another reason why you now hold this book in your hands: because some part of you feels it is unsafe to fully embrace the magic that exists within and around you. This part of you carries an age-old wound, one that keeps you from claiming your magic, owning your power, and shining fearlessly in your truth. This is the 'witch wound.' Healing the Witch Wound is not about going back in time or dwelling on the atrocities of the past, quite the opposite. This work is about taking steps now to reclaim your power, live a more magical life, and embody your most authentic self. This book will lead you through a diverse range of practices, including spell work, rituals, meditations, and journal prompts, to help you uncover and work through feelings of reticence, uncertainty, and fear Some practices may not resonate for you, while others may be deeply impactful. Take what works, adapt and customise where you can, and leave the rest. This is your journey.

'Celeste Larsen' Heal the Witch Wound is a rare achievement that discusses the witch wound with historical depth and also offers practical invitations to heal the wound on a personal and collective level.'

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