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Psychic Sex

Psychic Sex


Join psychic medium Beckah Boyd as she helps you discover sex as a mutual spiritual experience. Blend ancient techniques and psychic know-how to reach a deeper spiritual and psychic connection with your lover. Incorporate long-used practices from tantric masters and ancient pillow books. Discover the Divine energy within yourself and your partner; learn to manifest your dreams through orgasm; find out what type of lover you really are. Identify what positions are best for energy transference and how to cleanse your chakras to keep you spiritually, mentally, and physically in balance. Follow your bliss, reach new heights within yourself and your relationship, have the hottest sex, and discover the Divinity that is you!


Beckah Boyd is a sixth-generation psychic medium.

-Discover the fundamentals of the art of Tantra, and how it can help you

-Learn to combine two energies during lovemaking for more satisfying and spiritual experiences

-Create a psychic connection between you and your partner


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