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Shadowland Bundle

Shadowland Bundle


This beautiful and quirky bundle comes complete with Shadowland Tarot, Shadowland Oracle & Shadowland drawstring tarot bag

Shadowland Tarot

This Tarot deck and accompanying book provide you with the vital creative tools you need to access your shadows and reveal hidden truths. Alongside traditional Tarot symbolism and meanings, shadow aspects of our archetypal personalities are portrayed as 78 playful and quirky ink-and-watercolor creatures that offer insight and guidance into our deepest selves. The book consists of a detailed introduction to shadows and shadow work, card meanings, reflection questions, and easy-to-follow spreads to help you discover, contemplate, and integrate previously unacknowledged aspects of your life and personality. For beginners as well as seasoned professional readers and shadow workers, this deck provides imaginative solutions to everyday challenges as well as complex or concealed conditions.

Shadowland Oracle

Fear of what we can't see has the ability to conjure images of hungry beasts ready to pounce from the shadows. Yet, it is within the shadows where hidden truth is revealed.

Become acquainted with the shadow aspects of our archetypal personalities through the playful and quirky, ink-and-watercolor creatures that compose this 36-card Lenormand deck and accompanying guidebook.

For beginners as well as seasoned professional Lenormand readers and shadow workers, this deck uses traditional Petit Lenormand symbols to provide imaginative solutions to everyday challenges.

For creative seekers on a journey of self-discovery, this deck provides an effective tool to access hidden knowledge and empower you, including an introduction to Lenormand cartomancy, card meanings, reflections, and questions.

Shadowland Drawstring Bag

Featuring beautiful artwork from The Shadowland Tarot by renowned artist Monica Bodirsky, this elegant yet durable 6" × 7 ½" drawstring bag is the perfect way to keep your deck safe and yet easy to transport! It is also a great gift for your favourite Tarot reader or collector or anyone who appreciates metaphysical art.

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