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Spellwork Dice

Spellwork Dice


Infuse your magic with chance, with this set of witchy wooden dice!

Four wooden illustrated dice: Shake up your spells and rituals with these four six-sided dice that provide: -

An intention (Will your spell be for love, passion, money, protection, confidence, or healing?)

- A type of magic (Will you use divination, astrology, kitchen magic, glamour magic, colour magic, or bath magic?)

- A magical tool (Will you enhance your spell with tarot, candles, incense, potions, crystals, or the moon?)

- A tip to guide you (Work with a deity, or cleanse your space before beginning, for example.)

Illustrated mini book included: This unique set also comes with a mini book to guide your interpretation and teach you the meaning of each of the dice's sides.

Perfect gift for the witch-curious: A great way to get started with spellwork for the witchily-inclined who don't yet know their way around a ritual.

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