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Yoga Bundle

Yoga Bundle


RRP sold separately $79

This Yoga bundle comes with the following

Yoga Box - Card Deck

A 50-card deck full of yoga poses to strengthen your body, focus your mind and centre yourself Yoga is a restorative, mindful and gentle practice that can strengthen your body while helping you centre yourself in the moment. Use yoga to relax, improve your flexibility, focus your mind and connect with your spiritual side just by gently easing your body into poses that boost your physical and mental wellbeing. With 50 poses to choose from and guidance on how to select the poses that suit your needs and how to move between them smoothly, as well as relaxing breathing exercises and meditative mantras that help you inhabit your body, The Yoga Box will help you incorporate yoga into your life as a daily practice, a warm-up, or just a moment of relaxation. Whether you want to include a pose or two in your morning routine or want to combine the poses into a custom flow that's uniquely yours, The Yoga Deck will help you find the poses you need to stretch your body and support your spirit.

Feather Yoga Mat

Beautiful blue feather designed mat. Perfect for yoga and meditation.

172cm x 61cm with 6mm thickness

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